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HTML is at the core of all websites. It is the base structure of web page content that is displayed to the viewer. HTML is enhanced by website development languages such as CSS, Javascript and PHP. To see what HTML looks like without enhancement .

A few of the things that HTML can do is display graphics, create menus and headers, display a variety of input fields and create links to other webpages.

HTML is the first programming language created for website development. The first version of HTML was written by Tim Berners-Lee in 1993. It has evolved over the years into what you see today as you browse the internet.

I am adept in the writing of HTML code in all its aspects. Everything that you see here on this website would not be possible without HTML.

I use Responsive Web Design that makes the HTML look good on any device or computer. Resize your browser window or turn your phone or tablet on its side to see Responsive Web Design in action.